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Social networks are on the rise in recent years, perhaps they are the best thing to come by whereby anyone can mark his presence right in front of the world; he is not restrained by anyone effectively. If social networks have a mammoth user base then how is it possible that these users remain alien to the casino concept or rather casino games. Indeed, casino games have ever been on the radar of every fun enthusiastic, and coz of a social pressure or some misleading information about online casinos, he is not able to play them. But after the arrival of social networks, anyone can play most of the casino games being made available on various social networks; perhaps, these days, every online casino offers a social app which helps any user to play casino games right inside his social account. The biggest advantage of playing a casino game on a social network is that you can play it along with your friends and colleagues by inviting them and making them aware about a game. Moreover, there is no real money involved; hence you can enjoy true casino fun without losing anything. However, there are play monies which are used to wager on social networks, and a player can also buy more play chips at much lower prices, like 100000 play chips for just $5. Continue reading

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Online casino game’s philosophy is the hardest part to understand by any new casino goer. Even many matured casino players, sometimes, aren’t able to accurately differentiate a skill game from a luck based casino game. In a general understanding, casino games are always based on luck factor, and have no association with the player’s playing skills, but it’s not true. There’re hundreds of casino games found in every online casino, and not all of them require you to be a lucky person to win something out of them. Apart from this, there’re many games, which can only be won with the use of a perfect playing skill; otherwise you can never beat your opponent. Take an example of Poker: it is supposed to be a chance game in its beginning period, but gradually; people recognized its gameplay and the player’s skills that is an important factor to win any poker game. Even through it’s a five cards drawn game, yet there are lots of possible permutations, and players have to re-arrange their cards to convert them in a winnable hand ranking. One can easy guess how much mental hard work is required to calculate the fifty-two cards possible arrangements.
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